FlickerPage (Aka. Flickerpage Networks)

The FlickerPage (also known as flickerpage.com) is a global social giant focusing on people, interactions, and communication exchanges. FlickerPage is an online social media and advertising platform designed by RGroup Solutions based in Phoenix, AZ. We started our journey in 2024 to make social media and advertising easy and on users’ fingertips. Our services and features are constantly improving and navigating across the globe. Our services mainly focus on social networking, local advertising, daily facts, discussions, and blogging. We have designed a secure platform with limited features in combination with other modules to facilitate basic and mandatory content-sharing flexibility. As a user, it is your responsibility, and it is strongly recommended that you use the platform to post content, connect with people, and share your thoughts wirily.

FlickerPage is designed for local individuals and businesses to share their needs and connect with local people. Our platform widely welcomes local Automotive Businesses, Skilled Trades, Job Recruiters, Legal Lawyers, Relators, Trainers, and other service providers to advertise their daily needs and handshake their business process.

Author: Ramana Gude
Client: FlickerPage
Date: September 6, 2023